Tonight in Miami, Florida we got some hot contenders:

Yung Simmie! oh HAY! Playing at Grand Central for Noisey/Vice :

Looks like RSVP is now closed so good luck getting in to that one.


Also tonight is Zeitgeist 1 year anniversary party by Giorgio Ardito, Miami’s go to italo music man. Not only is this party cool but the venue is Tawainese restaurant. Witness the old and new goths converging plus a menagerie of other weirdos. Click on flyer for Facebook event:


Next up is Seu Jorge at Hollywood’s Young Circle! Click in flyer for more details.


You must be saying to yourself, please stop no more cool parties! Oh well just one more! Gotta round it out with a bit of soul, check out this new monthly party at Gramps, click on flyer for Facebook event:


Don’t forget your umbrellas, Miami summer is a wet one.

metro zu / miami / weirdo rap

i’ve been creepin on these miami kids, check them out. 

download sell ma ho song for free here. and for the newest stuff they have put out check this link: Intimacy 3.

they have endless videos and songs on youtube, and a mix on soundcloud and a tumblr too. i’m already tired.

Good luck manuevering through all their shit, this quote from Vice about sums it up, “Uncle Luke would be proud, but also a little confused.”

i need a break, cue in the house music!