How To Pick Up Girls - Learn To Dance And Go To Gramps

Living in the real world is hard to do but that’s why God and bars created happy hours. And low and behold the best of happy hours is happening today at my favorite Miami watering hole: GRAMPS. Chicken wings, endless champizzle and great dance music provided by Blog Party and yours truly. Skip the gym and bring your sneakers ladies, its a no brainer.

Girls of Gramps hosts every Wednesday and I’ll be playing some old house and classic dance tracks from 9-12am. Check out the live stream via Wynwood Radio

Here’s a video playlist I made to get you pumped:



I found this track earlier this year and I finally got a chance to play it out on Sunday at my new party in Miami, Fl called Super Lips at Gramps. It’s serious jam.

Check out Daniel Avery’s soundcloud for more tracks.