Australia-Miami Time

I have so many new love affairs that I don’t know where to start.

The furthest one is Hawaii 94 all way in Australia, so so far! Check out his latest release on Bandcamp, buy his CD, you’re going to love it trust me, I would never lie to you.

Listen to: Nightvision EP by HAWAII94


Also on the radar is Smut who was recorded earlier this year with Rat Bastard. Great fucking album! Also Ale Campos the woman behind Smut is from Miami, Fl.

Listen: Matter That Soils or Blackens by Smut


Aaand I have one more crush, Couples Counseling who also happens to be from Miami, Fl. It’s crazy right? I’m more inspired than ever at this cultural renaissance happening here.

Listen/purchase: COUPLES COUNSELING by couples counseling


More New Dance Show

It’s that time for a new episode of New Dance Show! Best moves, jams and outfits! Caprice87 is hooking it up yet again! <3 

Love the man that comes in at 8:00, he’s got it goin’ on and on! 

Best remix of Pump Up The Jam by David Morales (B-room mix)


Oh man I randomly came across Soko and she’s stealing my heart away with her sincerity and rawness. I think her delivery is really special, the song crafting is simple and heartfelt. Oh, I think she is also dating Ariel Pink but you didn’t hear that from me. He’s singing with her on video below, check it out! AAAAAnd like you needed a plus at this point, her videos are very satisfying to watch, quirky, clever and sweet. SOKO WINS!

check her out in all her social media glory:

and this list wouldn’t be complete without a TUMBLR!

Lastly I want to add that for me what usually convinces me of great artistry is seeing them perform live and I caught these two songs on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic showcase, she is going to charm the pants off of you during her interview. You have been warned.

Part Time - the band !

I’ve been driving everyone crazy and playing this band over and over. Tunes are simple and pretty and catchy and just right for how I’ve been feeling.

Unfortunately that video is bad vibes all over the place. EW it’s hard to watch but definitely worth listening to.

Here’s another sticky sweet song that will have you dancing in your PJs on your bed to your hairbrush.

 So if this music tickles your fancy you can check out their new album called PDA out on Mexican Summer’s website. Make sure to send me the download link ;)

And check out their FACEBOOK, they seem to post quite alot of activity if you want to get stalkerish like i do.

I hope they come play in Miami, I’m going to put that out in the universe so that it will bounce back!

Tonight in Miami, Florida we got some hot contenders:

Yung Simmie! oh HAY! Playing at Grand Central for Noisey/Vice :

Looks like RSVP is now closed so good luck getting in to that one.


Also tonight is Zeitgeist 1 year anniversary party by Giorgio Ardito, Miami’s go to italo music man. Not only is this party cool but the venue is Tawainese restaurant. Witness the old and new goths converging plus a menagerie of other weirdos. Click on flyer for Facebook event:


Next up is Seu Jorge at Hollywood’s Young Circle! Click in flyer for more details.


You must be saying to yourself, please stop no more cool parties! Oh well just one more! Gotta round it out with a bit of soul, check out this new monthly party at Gramps, click on flyer for Facebook event:


Don’t forget your umbrellas, Miami summer is a wet one.

Denzel Curry and Yung Simmie

It’s been a rough week, George Zimmerman was found not guilty, my dog Nemo passed away on Bastille Day 5 years ago plus my lady times. 

Finding these two Miami rappers made me feel real hopeful again for Florida, for talent, for music, for youth. You’re gonna have to listen for yourself and find out what all my fuss is about.

Production is so hot! Can’t get enough of the breathy percussive “yeahs.” Download his Shut Up and Vibe mixtape! You will not be disappointed.

Here’s the bonus, Denzel Curry! Yo I don’t know much background on these guys but they they are definitely the next generation and blowing me away. This is live and raw and in your face.

I know you need to hear more so check out his Soundcloud:

I’m playing these gems out tonight at my Let’s Sang party hosted by drag royalty herself Adora and my alter ego O’Lage, see you guys there!


How To Pick Up Girls - Learn To Dance And Go To Gramps

Living in the real world is hard to do but that’s why God and bars created happy hours. And low and behold the best of happy hours is happening today at my favorite Miami watering hole: GRAMPS. Chicken wings, endless champizzle and great dance music provided by Blog Party and yours truly. Skip the gym and bring your sneakers ladies, its a no brainer.

Girls of Gramps hosts every Wednesday and I’ll be playing some old house and classic dance tracks from 9-12am. Check out the live stream via Wynwood Radio

Here’s a video playlist I made to get you pumped:


It’s Still Rock & Roll Mix

There’s a new mix out there for you! I hope you like my retro-rock-n-roll shenanigans! Because you know I’m serious about being awesome. No but really, if you like fun, you’ll like this mix.

Download SL/LS: It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me

Lastly if you want it on a CD send me a 1.25 worth of postage and I’ll send it your way! Send me an email: unemorue at gmail dot com. Keeping it old school as always.


It’s time to get wildly obsessed about a good ol’ pop song and play it over and over. but fair warning: it’s definitely more on the female, emotional, kate bush tip, so, not for everyone.

Even the simplicity of the video, (if you can call it a video looks more like art) is beautiful. well done. well done.

after watching other versions i think i might be more in love with the production. hello Dan Carey and David Kosten! you are my new heart throbs!

so yeah this song will definitely leave you wanting more. check out this recent pitchfork cover story on Bat’s for Lashes; i warn you in advanced it a little too cute but you’ll love it. i also think Stereogum’s interview is worth reading up on other songwriter’s methods.

They totally kill it in this live version! So inspirational. <3

Planetarium: Krautrock

Last Saturday we witnessed a great collaboration between friends and institutions; billed Planetarium: Krautrock at the Museum of Science and Planetarium. I doubt anything west of the Atlantic has ever occurred before, definitely not in Miami, Florida! 

Not only was there great visuals by Dylan Romer and Kevin Arrow but the musical pairing by Romulo Del Castillo was top notch. Here a sample track: